WARRIORs at the World Police & Fire Games

Celebrate the WARRIOR in YOU! That is the strong message of Dutch sculptor Aleid Uhl to all the participants in the World Police & Fire Games Rotterdam 2022. In honor of them, she has produced an exclusive edition of her tin WARRIOR collection.

YOU are WARRIOR! With the WARRIOR we celebrate all those strong, tenacious, passionate and unconquered women and men who compete, connect, support, unite and befriend one another here at the WPFG ROTTERDAM 2022.

The story behind the WARRIOR
In the nineties, Aleid was living in Spain when a car bomb exploded a few doors down from her home. Death and destruction everywhere. Suddenly, from one moment to the next, chaos gave way to a new sense of strength and determination. Aleid passionately recalls: “From one minute to the next, emergency response teams began flooding the scene, moving us, giving us orders to help at the spot. Because of this impactful experience I realized that, from the moment that you decide to be part of the solution, the healing process has begun, turning you from victim into victor: WARRIOR.”

The WARRIOR collection is created for tenacious, courageous, passionate and selfless individuals. Aleid: “These strong people go above and beyond the call of duty to improve and save the lives of others. We find them all around us. It’s my greatest wish that people all over the world walk around with a WARRIOR, and that we acknowledge each other, connect, listen and learn. That makes us all stronger!”

Get your WPFG-WARRIOR souvenir
Exclusively for the World Police & Fire Games 2022, we are offering you this special WARRIOR collection of pins, key-rings and statues, handmade in the Netherlands. You can find the WARRIOR stories and webstore at www.warriors.community.com. We welcome you at our WARRIOR stand at the Sports Host Area at Rotterdam Ahoy.