Often in collaboration with partner organizations, the organization of the World Police & Fire Games 2022 is working at all sorts of other activities to ensure that the 2022 competitors and their supporters have an unforgettable time in the Netherlands. All side events are free unless otherwise stated.


Side Events Schedule 2022

Download the full schedule of side events in the overview below.

Download Side Events Schedule 2022

Half Marathon

Back on the running calendar: the Rotterdam Half Marathon. During the World Police & Fire Games the half marathon returns to Rotterdam. The event takes place on the final day of the WPFG Rotterdam on Sunday July 31, 2022 and is the only large scale Summer Run in the Netherlands. In addition to WPFG participants, anyone can participate! It is also possible to register for a 1/4 Marathon and a 5km run.

Location: Binnenrotte (start), Coolsingel (finish), Rotterdam
Date: 31 July
Start Half Marathon: 09:00
Start 1/4 Marathon: 10:15
Start 5 KM: 11:15
Registration needed? Via Half Marathon Rotterdam website.

Sports with focus on mental illness; Boat Rowing

One of the themes highlighted during the WPFG2022 is PTSD, a mental overload that frequently occurs among service employees. The Rotterdam Blue Port, an initiative of the police, offers several customized programs in the reintegration process of employees with these issues.

One of 'Blauwe Haven's' projects is Boat Rowing. Police officers are reconnected to themselves, peers and the organization through the restorative effects of Boat Rowing in a sporty and approachable way.

To put this theme also (inter)nationally high on the agenda, the organization WPFG2022 has decided to include Boat Rowing as a 'choice sport' in the sports schedule. The Blauwe Haven will participate with a number of boats in the tournament Boat Rowing. In addition, PTSD is one of the main themes during the two-day international conference.

Venue: Entrepothaven, Rotterdam
Date: 31 July
Time: 10:00 - 16:00
Registration needed? WPFG participants only (with accreditation pass)

Megabeach NeVoBo

Sport for uniformed personnel is important to keep them fit and vital in order to be able to continue to perform the often physically demanding work optimally. The violence and aggression towards emergency workers is increasing and the respect and appreciation for uniformed people seems to be decreasing. WPFG2022 brings the uniformed and citizens closer together through sports by linking up with other major sporting events.

A specific example is the cooperation with the Dutch Volleyball Association, where one or more teams with uniformed personnel participate in the side event of NeVoBo. In preparation for the Women's Volleyball World Cup, NeVoBo organizes the side event Megabeach, in which they attempt to break the world record for the largest volleyball tournament. One or more uniformed teams will participate to create a connection between citizens and uniformed personnel.

Venue: The Hague Beach Stadium, The Hague
Date: 28 t/m 31 July
Time: 10:00 - 17:00
Registration needed? Yes, via this link

Summer of E-sports

Rotterdam Ahoy is the sporting center of the World Police & Fire Games Rotterdam 2022. No less than 15 of the 63 sports will be organized here. Ahoy also houses the E-zone, where all kinds of games can be played. This way you can immerse yourself in the world of E-sports.

Try out different games and play against each other! There are also other activities available at various locations in Rotterdam.

Read more information and locations and times in the Summer of E-sports news article.

Venue: Multiple locations
Date: July 22 through 31 July
Time: Check news article
Registration needed? No

Diversity & Inclusion

The WPFG2022 embraces the themes of diversity and inclusion. Nowhere else in the world do so many different people come together who all have the same passions: their work and their sport. That is why diversity and inclusion is one of the main themes of the WPFG2022 side-event program.

Read more about Diversity & Inclusion on the Diversity & Inclusion page.

Visit Control Room (Wilhelminakade)

The emergency room of the emergency services in Rotterdam-Rijnmond is the ‘beating heart’ of the organization. Control Room operators (police, fire brigade and ambulance service) are the starting point of every emergency assistance request and work according to established protocols with the aim of getting the desired help on site as quickly as possible.

We provide guided tours (with a limited number of visitors) to get acquainted with the control room domain and to gain insight into Dutch control room processes. During these tours, we would like to introduce our guests to the way in which requests for emergency aid are handled in the Netherlands. The Rotterdam-Rijnmond control room is one of the busiest Control Rooms in the Netherlands, where approximately 700.000 reports are received and handled annually.

Location: World Port Center: Wilhelminakade 947 Rotterdam (City Center)
Date: Daily from Monday July 25th through Friday July 29th
Time: 13:00 - 14:00 or 16:00 - 17:00
Registration needed? Click here to sign up (Click on file and download the document). Please send the form to
Note: ID/Passport required. Group size: 10 persons.

Visit of Fire Stations

The Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety Region has 40 fire stations in the region with in approximately 1.200 operational personnel (professional and volunteers). During the WPFG we would like to welcome you at one of the three fire stations below to view the material and talk to our colleagues

Location and address:

Fire station Mijnsherenlaan: Mijnsherenlaan 180 (Rotterdam-Zuid, in walking distance of Rotterdam Ahoy)
Fire station Baan: Ketelaarstraat 15 (Rotterdam-Centrum, in walking distance of the Athletes Village)
Fire station Schiedam: ’s-Gravenlandseweg 551 (Schiedam-Centrum, easily accessible by public transport)
Dates: Daily from Monday July 25th until Friday July 29th
Time: 13:00 - 17:00
Registration needed? No

Visit Safe Living Department

Since 2010, the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety Region has been a leader in the field of 'Community Safety' in the Netherlands. The Safe Living Department of the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Fire Service contributes to a (fire) safe living environment based on various educational programmes for different target groups. The 112 Club at the Schiedam barracks is the education centre for the upper grades of primary schools where children learn interactively about 'fire safety' and the dangers of fire.

In addition to these operational activities, the focus within the Rotterdam-Rijnmond fire service is also on fire safety in society. The Safe Living department takes you into the world of Community Safety and would like to introduce you to one of their activities ‘educating young people fire safety’ in their ‘Club van 112’, the interactive fire safety house built in the fire station of Schiedam.

Location: Fire station Schiedam: ’s-Gravenlandseweg 551 (Schiedam-Centrum)
Dates: Daily from Monday July 25th through Friday July 29th
Time: 13:00 - 17:00
Registration needed? No

Vehicle presentation Fire brigade

The fire brigade in Rotterdam-Rijnmond has a complex catchment area. In addition to high- rise buildings, various types of rail and infrastructure, an airport and a versatile port, the fire service also has a digital reconnaissance unit and specialist teams for altitude rescue and incidents at sea.

In addition to well-trained personnel, this broad range of tasks also requires customization of equipment and vehicles.

We would like to introduce you to the versatility of our operational vehicles during these vehicle presentations.

Location: Athletes Village : Willemsplein Rotterdam (City Center)
Date: Tuesday July 26th and Thursday July 28th
Time: 18:00 - 21:00
Registration needed? No

Historic fire engine tour Rotterdam Centre

Rotterdam has a rich history of firefighting vehicles. In 1927 the Rotterdam Fire Department ordered 7 Ahrens Fox fire engines from the vehicle manufacturer in Cincinnatti, Ohio, USA. before that time, these vehicles had an enormous pumping capacity and has served in Rotterdam until 1972. The municipality of Rotterdam still has 3 Ahrens Fox vehicles, and they are well maintained by a team of enthusiastic volunteers and are in top condition.

In addition to the above vehicles, the Foundation Historic Fire Brigade Vehicles Lansingerland is also present with their fire engines Austin FT 2 from 1950 and an Opel Blitz 330C from 1952. Both these vehicles are also in excellent condition and are enthusiastically maintained by fire brigade volunteers from the municipality of Lansingerland (city close to Rotterdam), where both vehicles were operational in the last century.

We would like to take our WPG guests back in time and travel to the 1930s and 1950s to offer them a tour with these 5 vehicles through the bustling center of the city of Rotterdam.

Location and address:
Athletes Village : Willemsplein Rotterdam (City Center)
Dates: Tuesday July 26th and Thursday July 28th
Time: 18:00 through 21:00 (every tour takes about 20 minutes)
Registration needed? No

Visit Joint Fire Brigade and National Fire Brigade Museum Hellevoetsluis

In addition to the Rotterdam-Rijnmond fire brigade, we would like to introduce you to the Joint Fire Service. We find this specific fire brigade organization in the Rotterdam port area and are specifically trained and equipped to deal with incidents at many companies focused on the storage and transfer of combustible substances and bulk goods.

In view of this special task, the Joint Fire Brigade is equipped with the most modern and advanced resources and equipment to be able to fight every incident in the area optimally. We also visit the National Fire Brigade Museum in Hellevoetsluis. The National Fire Brigade Museum houses a rich collection of fire-fighting equipment; from the most primitive means of about 1550 to modern means of today. The museum's collection is unique and possibly the largest in Europe. The fire brigade museum was created in the 1920s from a merger of the collections of the fire brigades of Amsterdam and Utrecht, a number of private collections and spontaneous gifts and donations. Under the auspices of the Royal Dutch Fire Brigade Association (KNBV), all this was combined into one museum collection. In the National Fire Brigade Museum you can follow the history of fire and disaster fighting in the Netherlands. In addition, there are special unique collections on display.

Location: Joint Fire Service: Moezelweg 150, Europoort / National Fire Brigade Museum: Industriehaven 8, Hellevoetsluis
Dates: Daily from Monday July 25th through Friday July 29th
Time: 13:00 departure bus from Athletes Village (Willemsplein Rotterdam. We expect to be back in Rotterdam between 17:00 and 18:00
Registration needed? Click here to sign up (Click on file and download the document). Please send the form to
Note: Entrance fee museum €10 p/p is not included in the tour. Maximum group size: 50 persons.

Visit Fire Stations in Amsterdam

The Fire Stations of Amsterdam are happy to invite WPFG participants and their friends and family to visit their workplace.

Colleagues will give you a warm welcome and show you their work. You do not have to register for this. You can drop by spontaneously.

Location and address: all Fire Stations in Amsterdam
Dates: July 22th through July 31st
Registration needed? No

Kids in Action

During the World Police & Fire Games, diversity and inclusiveness, among other things, are of high priority. In that context, the organization is committed to let children play sports who have fewer opportunities to do so in everyday life. WPFG2022 wants to make it possible for every child in Rotterdam to play sports during the event.

To achieve this, the organization is organizing several side events for children. In collaboration with, among others, the Everyday People Foundation and the Judo Association, clinics are organized for all children in Rotterdam. These take place at the location of the WPFG event of the sport in question. For example a boxing clinic in the boxing ring in Ahoy, a soccer clinic at soccer club Olympia and a Judo activity during the Judo event.

Venue: Several WPFG venues in Rotterdam
Date: 23 through 31 July
Time: 12:00 - 17:00
Registration needed? Varies per event

Disability Sports

In the theme of diversity and inclusiveness, various side events will be organized during the WPFG2022 in which adapted sports will take center stage. These include wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis, sitting volleyball and G-hockey. In addition to the regular event, tournaments will be organized at various sports locations so that people with a mental and/or physical disability can also participate in the WPFG2022.

In addition to these tournaments, several clinics will be organized for WPFG participants and visitors so they can experience what it is like to play adapted sports. This extra dimension will only increase mutual respect.

Venue: Several WPFG venues in Rotterdam
Date: 23 through 31 July
Time: 12:00 - 17:00
Registration needed? No

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