Day 8: We’re having a blast!

The last weekend of the World Police & Fire Games 2022 will begin tomorrow and there are still many exciting new sports to come! Unique sports such as boat rowing, the dragon boat race, stair race, triathlon, tug-of-war, and wrist wrestling.

You can still join the half marathon this Sunday! This half marathon is available for anyone to join by anyone. Watch our latest video with our Committee of Recommendation, Prins Pieter-Christiaan van Oranje, who will join the athletes this Sunday.

Today, a lot of athletes gave their all in their sport. In the water polo finale, Spain competed with the Netherlands. In the end, the Dutch athletes came home with the gold medal. Additionally, today was a day of hard work for the CrossFit athletes who gave their all in Rotterdam Ahoy. On the Schouwburgplein, spectators from all over the world were able to see some exciting basketball 3 x 3 matches.

You can listen to our official World Police & Fire Games anthem, 'Back in the Game' by Koen Herfst now here!