Agreement signed between WPFG Rotterdam 2022 and Rotterdam educational institutions

At the end of 2020, the contract was signed that officially established the collaboration between the World Police & Fire Games Rotterdam 2022 and Inholland University of Applied Sciences. It’s a wonderful collaboration where Rotterdam students will contribute to the organization of this large-scale international event.

Heads and hands
Plenty of heads and hands are needed to organize and run this large-scale event. ‘So that means a wealth of opportunities for teachers and students from various educational institutions,’ says Leon van der Ster, SJD (Social-Legal Services) teacher at Inholland Rotterdam and education project manager for the WPFG. He plays a pivotal role between the WPFG ‘22 organization and various educational organizations in Rotterdam: a collaboration that transcends the various courses of study and institutions. This should lead, among other things, to interdisciplinary project education where students from Inholland, students in intermediate and other higher vocational education, and university students work together on the same project.

From stages to social media campaign
‘The challenge is to see how we’re going to achieve this,’ Leon says. As a sports fanatic and enthusiastic cyclist, this task is tailor-made for him. Although it’s still some time until the Games start, Leon has already been able to establish a number of agreements with partners. For example, the Wood and Furniture College is involved in creating the stages, the Graphic Lyceum is providing media exposure in the participating countries, and various courses of study at the Zadkine College (including Sports Marketing and Travel & Leisure Management) will be working on a variety of WPFG assignments until the summer of 2022. Inholland students from the Creative Business department will make promotional material and Communication students will be given the task of recruiting young volunteers. In fact, this is only the beginning of a large-scale joint effort by schools and educational institutions in Rotterdam.

‘Inholland fulfills a pivotal role for us’
Wim de Rooij, the WPFG CEO, knows both the police and the fire service organizations like the back of his hand, thanks to his former work. ‘I’ve seen every edition of the Games since 1989. It’s fantastic that they’re taking place in the Netherlands for the first time! And tremendous that young people are actively involved in the Games through their education. Inholland also functions as an umbrella across all the educational institutions. It’s the organization that sticks its neck out and provides us with help and assistance. I’m already looking forward to the fantastic opening ceremony in a full Feyenoord stadium!