Chengdu 2019: successful edition coming up

The WPFG 2019 in Chengdu is getting closer and closer. This is the first time that the WPFG is taking place in Asia. According to Danny Bodycoat, director of the world federation, the WPFG in Chengdu will be a great edition.

Danny Bodycoat: “In 2007, a team from Chengdu participated for the first time. We were impressed by the spirit of the Chengdu police officers. They indicated that they would like to organize the WPFG themselves, and in 2013, the organization of the WPFG was awarded to Chengdu.” Danny, who once organized the WPFG himself in Melbourne in 1995, has been closely involved in all the preparations.

First Asian city for WPFG “Due to the enthusiasm, dedication, professionalism and preparation of the locations, we decided to award the WPFG organization to Chengdu as the first Asian city. Actually, several other countries and cities were interested as well. I came to Chengdu for the first time in 2011 and the city is developing rapidly. I have travelled to Chengdu a total of seven times and witnessed the development of the freeway and railway systems, and many construction projects that have now been successfully completed. Take a look at the amazing Global Center, for example. The city is also known for its delicious Sichuan food. I am certain that the athletes and their families will enjoy themselves there.”

Appealing for other Asian countries
Danny Bodycoat welcomes the fact that the WPFG will be held in Chengdu this year. “This will attract more Asian countries to participate in the event, for instance Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, India, Thailand, Japan, Israel and South Korea. Some parts of China, including Macao and Hong Kong, will also be interested.” Danny does not comment on the number of competitors. “We can never know exactly how many competitors and visitors there are. But in the past there were often at least 6,000 competitors for each WPFG edition, and each competitor brings along at least one or two supporters. Most of them are sure to extend their visit to China, so this event will boost tourism enormously.”

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