Boxing is being organized in Rotterdam Ahoy, the city’s sports temple, which has been host to sports events for decades. Several sports will be taking place in the six halls at Ahoy, so you will be able to encourage your colleagues in different sports! Boxing came over from the United Kingdom and quickly became extremely popular. During the Olympic Games in 1928, Rotterdam native Bep van Klaveren – the ‘Dutch windmill’ – won gold, and afterwards Orhan Delibas and Arnold Vanderlyde followed in his footsteps with Olympic medals. During the Rio Games, women’s boxing was on the program for the second time and Rotterdam’s Nouchka Fontijn seized the silver.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this FAQ you will find the most frequently asked questions and their answers. If your question is not listed, please ask it via
1Are there any specific clothing demands?
During the training this is free of choice, the image below shows what the demanded clothing is during the matches. During the matches the use of gloves and headguards provided by the organization is obligatory.

2What do I need to do for my medical test?
At page 103 and further of the Entry Book you will find the form and an instruction how to fill this in. Plus, you can find the rules above this FAQ.
3I want to bring technical support, what are the current rules for this?
On page 15 of the Entry Book you find the instructions for this.
4I have a question regarding medical test?
You can send an email regarding your question to the WPFG Federation for answers:
5What are the official boxing rules during the matches?
The rules that are being applied during the WFPG you can find on the website of the IBA and on this sports page, above this FAQ.