Ellie Lust

Former Police Officer, television producer

“If you work for a (judicial) emergency service, you are connected to each other. Because you want to do something together to create a safer society, anywhere in the world. I myself was allowed to work for the Amsterdam police for 31 years and during that career I participated in the World Police & Fire Games in Memphis, Tennessee. The solidarity as a Dutch delegation, but also meeting colleagues in different disciplines, not only resulted in recognition and exchange of experiences, but also lifelong friendships.
I therefore wish for everyone to participate in the World Police & Fire Games in Rotterdam. And you don't have to be of Olympic sports level, just join in or come and watch. You really don't want to miss this event!”

Allard Castelein

Chief Executive Officer of the Port of Rotterdam Authority
"Our main sponsorship is a token of appreciation for all the public safety workers who are on hand round the clock and, as a result, make a crucial contribution to the safety of the world port city that is Rotterdam."

Arjan de Zeeuw

Dutch Police Operational Specialist, ex-professional soccer player
"After his soccer career ended, he began working as a detective for the Dutch Police force in Noord Holland. Arjan: "Sports, and especially being involved in sports as a team, connect people. It makes us stronger and more involved as a first responder.”

Caroline Nagtegaal - van Doorn

Member of European Parliament (VVD / Renew Europe)
"Our emergency providers / social workers are available to us 24/7 - we respect that and are grateful for it every day. During this event in which sport, teamwork, connection are central, we show the power of our emergency services to the whole world!"

Chris van Dam

Former member of Dutch Parliament, on behalf of the Christian Democractic Party (CDA). Former policeman and public prosecutor.
"Extra attention for our care providers is not an unnecessary luxury. Their work commands our respect and I am delighted that with this major event, we are putting our aid workers in the spotlight for ten days. They deserve that and I fully support the initiative.”

Claudia Zwiers

Dutch Police Trainer and Olympic judoka
"During the World Police & Fire Games, we are mainly focused on winning from the competition. But after the Games finish, we are one team again with a common goal: maintaining safety worldwide."

Jaap de Groot

Reporter, chief editor and analyst for various national and international media and member of the Dutch Sports Council
"The World Police & Fire Games offer a gathering of professionals with the same main task worldwide: protecting society. The more this international group of people feels connected to each other, the better it is for humanity."

Nelli Cooman

District director Municipality of Rotterdam, former athlete
"Aid workers provide assistance with pure passion and the World Police & Fire Games gives them so much energy!"

Peter van Zunderd

Former Chief of Police in the Netherlands
"The World Police & Fire Games is a sporting event that unites first responders from all over the world and is instrumental in encouraging fellowship and brotherhood."

Ron Kooren

President of the Executive Board of regional educational centre Albeda
"Rotterdam is incredibly proud that the WPFG 2022 is taking place here. I hope a lot of young people will work together to make this a success!"

Ron Bormans

President of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences
"Safety is a basic requirement. Without safety, life is difficult and learning is impossible. So we are happy to show some real Rotterdam appreciation for the people who take care of our safety."

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