40 Dutch public safety workers going to China for World Police & Fire Games

From 8 through 18 August, a team of 40 police officers, firefighters, customs and corrections staff will represent The Netherlands at the World Police & Fire Games (WPFG). In Chengdu (China), together with 8,000 colleagues from 80 countries, they will compete for the titles in 54 sports events.

In addition to strengthening the friendly international ties between these guardians of public order and safety, the competitors at the WPFG will show the world what collaboration, perseverance, friendship and sportsmanship mean.

To save lives, you have to be fit
The Dutch delegation in Chengdu consists of 40 competitors, each with their own story and motivation for participating in the WPFG. Jeroen Kranendonk (31), who works for the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Fire Department, is one of the competitors at the WPFG in Chengdu.

‘In the fire service, you are available day and night to help people in need. To save lives, you have to be fit. I’m a fanatic at Crossfit and that’s why I can do my job as a firefighter well. I’ve set up a special area at the station, so that I can train during my shifts as well. Representing the Netherlands in the Crossfit event at the WPFG in Chengdu is a dream come true,’ says Jeroen Kranendonk.

Recognition, appreciation, and gratitude
In 2021, the World Police & Fire Games are coming to the Netherlands for the first time in history. For 10 days, Rotterdam will be the stage for this large sport event. In the summer of 2021, some 10,000 police officers, firefighters, and customs and corrections personnel from all over the world will be competing against each other in 60 sports events.

Ahmed Aboutaleb, mayor of Rotterdam: 'Engaging in sport is especially important for one group: the guardians of public order who, in often difficult circumstances, take care of our safety, day in and day out. Playing sports helps to be able to sustain this work physically and mentally. The work carried out by the public safety personnel deserves recognition and appreciation. That is the biggest motivation to host the WPFG 2021 in Rotterdam.'